Frequently Asked Questions

How will we pay for this?

God has been so faithful to FBC Umatilla for so many years and we know that if He is calling us to take this step of faith that He is prepared to provide.  We are asking the church to SEEK the Lord in praying for His wisdom and direction with this project, ASK the Lord how your family can be a part of  this Journey of Generosity, and OBEY the Lord when He lays it on your heart to give, pray, and serve.

What is the current financial condition of the church?

FBC Umatilla is an amazing spot financially right now.  We have been 100% debt free for over 8 years.  God blessed us with the ability to complete our last Building Campaign called “Making HIStory Known” back in 2013.  We raised $3.5 million dollars and finished the job debt free.  Our church has over $3.6 million dollars on hand to start the project which gives us a great start.

Why should I sign a commitment card?

We want everyone to know this isn’t about a financial agreement with the church.  This is journey of faith as we commit ourselves to God and ask Him how we should commit His dollars to this church’s vision. Signing this commitment card isn’t a legal contract, but we do believe it symbolizes our willingness to step out by faith and commit to the Lord our time, our talents, and our treasures.

How long is the commitment to this campaign?

We are asking our church to commit to a 3 year Journey of Generosity.  With that being said the completion of this project will not be the end of giving as the vision of this church will continue. God has filling our children’s department each week, our student Ministry is in need of space, and we are running out of educational space for our LIFE Groups.  We believe this REACHING FORWARD campaign will continue to grow even when our 3 year commitment time come to a close.

What does “commitment” mean?

Every team has a roster, every school has an enrollment, and every church has a membership.  Commitment is a way of finding out who wants to be a part of that team. Not just sit on the sidelines, but get on the field to make an impact.  You are committing yourself to Christ spiritually and committing yourself to His church here at FBC Umatilla. 

What are different ways I can give?

An individual will have numerous ways to support this project.  You can volunteer to give of your time to pray as this project takes place.  You can give weekly, monthly, yearly by designating your giving to the REACHING FORWARD Building Fund.  You can give cash, checks, pay online, stocks, real estate, etc.

How can I help?

One way to really help is to get excited!!!  We are about to be a part of a move of God.  This is going to be a moment in our lives that will change our faith for the better.  This will be a “mountain moving” experience where we get to see the hand of God show up big time.  Tell your friends and family about this Journey of Generosity.  God is asking us to be a part of something so much bigger than who we are so get on your knees and ask God “What’s my part in Reaching Forward” here at FBC Umatilla?