Our purpose as a believer is to bring Glory to God.  We do that by loving God first and then loving our neighbors.  Let me say that in the last 11 years God has sent many “neighbors” to FBC Umatilla.  Matter of fact, thousands of people are being impacted each week by the amazing ministries here at FBC Umatilla.  In building this 1200 seat sanctuary with a large welcome center we will have the privilege to love more “neighbors” with the love of Christ.  Our impact will be greater and our reach will be broader than ever before. 

PROJECT 3:13 is truly going to help us REACH FORWARD to what lies ahead.  This will be more than a building.  It will help us continue to be a Lighthouse to this county.  FBC Umatilla has a real heart for evangelism and we have reached a spot where inviting friends/family to church is difficult because finding a seat can be tough at times,  This new facility will give us MORE SEATS to reach MORE SOULS.  We want to REACH their heart with the gospel, REACH their home with God’s love, and REACH towards HEAVEN for God’s hand of blessing.  Our leadership feels that God is calling us to REACH generations to come with this facility.  Your children, your grandchildren, and the ones that aren’t even thought about now will be impacted with God’s love through this life changing project.

Building and planning for the future takes wisdom and faith.  Pastor Brooks, along with the leadership of First Baptist Church Umatilla, has been seeking wisdom and praying earnestly to hear God’s will in this process.  We have three potential goals in this campaign.  The first goal is set at an attainable $2 million.  The second goal may take a little faith, set at $2.5 million. Our third goal of $3 million is attainable as well when we give generously with our finished goal in mind.